Spooky Halloween Cocktail Ideas: Boozy Drinks to Make Your Guests Scream

Want to spook out your guests with some boozy Halloween cocktails? This list features drinks made with all different liquors, so no matter what you prefer, there’s a delicious Halloween cocktail here that’ll make your Halloween a real screamer.

The Boozy Halloween Ghost Cocktail

District Tea

1 1/2 oz Patron Citronge Creme de Mule

1 oz lime juice

1/2 oz Pimm’s No. 1

1/2 oz simple syrup

1 dash Angostura bitters

Dry ice

Pour all ingredients into a glass mug, top with dry ice, and shake hard.

Cool Drink Co.

1 1/2 oz Terrorhurtz, a Southern made hand-poured spicy maple whiskey

1 oz Buried Alive ginger beer

Splash of soda

Lemon wedge

Combine Terrorhurtz and Buried Alive ginger beer in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake, and double strain into a champagne flute. Top with soda, garnish with lemon, and serve.

The Marquee

1 1/2 oz absinthe

1/2 oz lemon juice

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour into a short champagne glass.

Pumpkin Spice Martini – A Classic Fall Delight

2 oz. vodka

1/2 oz. Lillet Rouge

1 oz. pumpkin spice infused syrup

1/2 oz. eggnog

1/2 oz. creme de cacao

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake hard. Pour into a coupe glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Boozy Pumpkin Pie Martini – A boozy pumpkin pie!

1.5 oz. white rum

1 oz. pumpkin spice vodka

1/2 oz. milk

1/2 oz. cream

1/2 oz. Grand Marnier

Rim with powdered sugar

Pour ingredients into mixing glass. Stir to combine. Add a bunch of ice, and shake hard. Strain into a martini glass.

Halloween Gin & Tonic – A sophisticated, slightly spooky cocktail.

You might think a gin and tonic is a typical autumn drink, but this Halloween version gets spooky by adding blood orange juice and grapefruit juice and by garnishing it with a green olive.

Spooky Sangria – Perfect for a big party

Bottled ales and wine make the perfect base for this Halloween sangria, perfect for spooking out your guests.

Instructions: In a large pitcher, combine wine, beer, rum, gin, and brandy. Add 1 cup of orange juice, and a 1/2 cup of sliced oranges and lemon slices. Stir to combine, and serve in wine glasses or wine and beer jugs.


If you’re looking for something sweet to serve, this delicious white chocolate spiked cocoa will certainly add a boozy kick to any Halloween party.

Instructions: Prepare a double boiler and set it over medium heat, mixing together the flour and cocoa powder.

When the sugar is melted, add it to the whisked mixture and whisk to combine.

Meanwhile, cream the butter and the brown sugar together in a mixing bowl.

The Ghoul’s Delight – For the classic Halloween lover

You’re in the mood for classic cocktails, something that’s spooky, yet sophisticated? Then, this is the perfect drink for you. Combining bourbon, dark rum, and ancho-infused vodka, the Ghoul’s Delight is a kick in the pants that’ll get your friends riled up.


1.5 oz. bourbon

1.5 oz. dark rum

0.5 oz. ancho-infused vodka

2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake well. Strain into a coupe and garnish with an orange wheel.

Phantom Bride – For the classy-weds

Looking for something to drink that’s a bit more sophisticated than your average Halloween party drink? Try a glass of this twist on a Bloody Mary.


1 oz. vodka

.5 oz. tomato juice

1 oz.

The Warlock’s Brew – Not for the kids!

1. 1 oz Ancho Reyes dark chocolate liqueur, 1 oz Brandy, 1 oz rum. Shake with ice, strain into a coupe glass, top with hot water, garnish with a chocolate skull.

2. 1.5 oz Applejack, .5 oz fresh lemon juice, .25 oz lemon bitters. Shake with ice, strain into a coupe glass, top with hot water, garnish with a candy skull.

3. 1.5 oz Amaro Montenegro, .5 oz Angostura bitters, .25 oz honey syrup. Shake with ice, strain into a coupe glass, top with hot water, garnish with a black twist.

4. .5 oz brandy, 1 oz rum, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz vanilla vodka, 1 dashes hot sauce. Shake with ice, strain into a coupe glass, top with hot water, garnish with a skeleton!

5. 1.5 oz applejack, 1 oz Blanco tequila, 1.5 oz lime juice, 2 dashes cinnamon bitters, lime wedge.

Spiked Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte – Perfect for the season

1.5 oz Hornitos Plata Tequila, 3 oz Apple Pomegranate Liqueur, 3 oz Vodka, half an ounce agave nectar. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and serve on the rocks with a lime twist.

1 cup sugar

3 oz honey

1 teaspoon cinnamon

3 cinnamon sticks

In a pot, combine all ingredients. Heat to a simmer, then reduce heat to low. Continue to simmer for about 10 minutes.

Cool and store in the refrigerator. Shake up and serve chilled.

Zombie Chef’s Zombie Punch – Zombie cocktail with tequila and blood orange juice

2 oz Hornitos Reposado Tequila

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

.5 oz Blood Orange Juice

3 oz Tequila

Fill a blender with fresh blood orange juice and tequila. With the blender on, slowly pour in the lime juice until you reach the desired volume. Add the tequila and mix until combined.

Witch’s Cauldron Punch, aka The Mulled Wine Gingerbread Latte

Made with hot mulled apple cider, house-made white and cinnamon spiced rum, orange juice, and vanilla extract.

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Bloody Mary, aka Zombie Punch

This award-winning cocktail includes fresh vegetables, ginger beer, and club soda, with optional splash of vodka.

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Mummy, aka Kiss-Me-Over-the-Elbow

A secret recipe (naturally), made with heavy whipping cream, white rum, and Sprite.

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Witch’s Wishing Well, aka Red Hot Manhattan

This mixology drink is actually made with devil’s whiskers mixed into the whiskey.

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Are you wondering how to make your party guests scream with fright, or are you looking to celebrate Halloween without drinking in the liquor aisle? Either way, we’ve got you covered with a list of delicious and memorable Halloween cocktails. Happy Halloween!

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