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The south-western corner of France, from the Landes to the Béarn and including the area on the frontier between France and Spain, is a favourite destination for visitors in search of the beauty of nature and a traditional unspoilt way of life. This countryside, preserved from the ravages of time, has for long produced its own characteristic wines, reds, whites and a small quantity of rosés, bearing the names, among others, of Irouléguy, Jurançon, Madiran, Pacherenc…

From the southern Landes to the mountains of the Basque country, in a small area in the extreme south-west of France close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish frontier, a good number of surprises await both walkers enamoured of nature and mountain scenery and lovers of wine. Madiran, Pacherenc, Jurançon, and Irouléguy are among the key markers on this wine and nature trail. The quality of the local wines is constantly improving, and prices are still attractive.

A Brief History of The Pyrenees Wine Region

Wine for the pilgrims on route for Compostella…

Common Characteristics of Pyrenees Wine

Full-bodied and deep-red wines and dry or sweet whites, most of the wines from the Pyrenees come from varieties of grape which are found nowhere else and which are responsible for the unusual characteristics of the various appellations.

Classifications of Pyrenees Wine

Three large and distinct wine-producing areas and several regional and local appellations: Tursan, Madiran, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Côtes-de-Saint-Mont, Jurançon, Béarn and Irouléguy.

Insider Tip

If you’re a walker, climber and beach fanatic on holiday in the Landes, the Béarn region or in the French Basque country, you can add an enjoyable extra dimension to your stay by calling on a wine producer after a day of exertion or dolce far niente and sampling some of the wines of the region.

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